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Turning water into wine..
Tuesday, 27 May 2003 @ 02:07 am SGT
Contributed by: Barry
Views:: 3,830
JewEL The Book of John which records most of Jesus' miracles, documents this miracle of Jesus turning water to wine as His very first miracle.

Picture this if you will...

It was common Jewish practice during the time for families to begin the preparation of the wedding at the point of the betrothal of their children. In fact, it is suggested in some commentaries that poor families would start preparing wine from that day forth so that there would be enough 'aged' wine for the feast.

This is Jerusalem at a time when wine is the beverage (it still is in Europe now along with Coke, Pepsi, brandy and OX). There is a wedding (and weddings of that time last a number of days) which means that food and drinks for the banquet have been carefully planned for this important occassion.

On the third day, the wine runs out ( a great embarrassment to any host of a banquet). The Bridegroom has a great need - an immediate need to replenish the wine and not lose "face" with his friends, business partners and aquaintences, newly weds and in-laws, even perhaps some scornful enemies who were invited out of duty etc.. you get the point.

Jesus' mother comes to Jesus with this need and He request for jars of water and turns them into wine.

However, The important point to note here is that it is not just plain old cheap wine.

The master of the banquet said, Everyone knows that at a wedding, it is the custom that we bring out the best wine first and then the cheaper wine (because when the guest had their fill, they would be too numb or drunk to know the difference later). But you have saved the best till now?
(Thinking that the groom has kept the best wine for last...)

The passage tells me:

1. Jesus turning water into wine did not suggest that He condones drunkeness. He was addressing a real felt need of a person. Notice that Jesus did not take the opportunity to preach His sermon on repentance or that the Kingdom of God in here at any point in time. He just dealt with an immediate need of the person. In fact, in most of His miracles, you will notice that He deals of people's needs, not to give them a earful of sin, shame and repentance. Something that we all should learn from our Master - like me with this note.. 8^) (sorry I am a bit long

2. the water that Jesus turned into wine was much better than what was offered in the beginning. (OX as opposed to cheap brandy..) Such is the heart of the LORD. He only give good and perfect gifts to those in need..

3. His miracle touched lives indirectly because it says immediate afterwards, this miracle revealed His Glory and his disciples put their faith in him. He would have blown X-files away with His miracles today and X-files followers would have also put their faith in Him.


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